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Ermani Group Inc is an exclusive importer of high-end fashion textiles from Italy and France. Our team combines knowledge and expertise in textile and fashion merchandising, marketing, and trading for over 50 years. We specialize in printed and novelty fabrics, doing business with nearly 20 different French and Italian textile mills. 

Our extensive collection, stocked at our showroom in the heart of Manhattan, offers a variety of jersey knit, cotton, viscose, silk, linen, jacquard, wool, and cashmere with an emphasis on current and upcoming fashion trends. We provide stock programs with immediate delivery within the USA and Canada. 

We proudly stand behind our product, stating that our textiles are sustainably and ethically produced at textile mills in Italy and France. We support sustainable fashion and keep high standards of corporate sustainability as well. As a fashion designer, who looks forward to joining or is already a part of sustainable fashion, you can undoubtedly rely on our collection and our team to provide you with superior customer service. 

Doing business with Ermani Group, you find more than just a source of high-end textiles; we nurture your brand, giving you access to invaluable knowledge of textiles and fashion manufacturing. 

Visit us today to view our full collection and meet our team.

  • ​Mathew Malek - President 

  • Eugenia Pak - Head of Marketing and Sales 

  • Santia Cadet - Executive Account Manager

  • Diana Rodrigues Pereira - Digital Marketing Assistant

  • Myah Day - Textile Marketing Assistant 

  • Michelle M. - Office Administrator 

  • Jaison Riley - Shipping Department Coordinator 

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